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Welcome to Sparta HMS

Sparta HMS is designed for all sizes of hospitals / clinics to cover a wide range of Hospital Management and Administration processes. It is an integrated end-to-end Hospital Management System that provides relevant information across the hospital/clinic about patient care, hospital administration and critical financial accounting in a seamless flow. This software is designed to manage and monitor day-to-day activities in an extremely simple way and is offered at a fair price.


  • Developed by a US-based company with more than 10 years of experience in product development.
  • Simple user interface which is very easy to navigate by any user with basic computer knowledge
  • Cloud-based software model to host your data in a reliable and secured way in cloud
  • Streamlined patient flow from admission to discharge
  • Daily, Monthly and Year-to-date financial statements to find out cost cutting areas to minimize expenses
  • SMS alerts to patients with regard to the appointments, rescheduling and any other program updates



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